Get $250 per referral
up to 15% in revenue share

You get $250 & your referee gets $250 added to their PROFIT credit line at 0% interest with no personal credit check.

Join our partnership program & start earning up to 15% in revenue share monthly.

Set up your account in less than 5 minutes.

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$250 for you & $250 for them

You get $250 once you referee deposits $1,000 and spend $1,000 on their PROFIT debit card.

Your referee gets $250 in PROFIT credit that increases the more they use PROFIT.

Referral bonuses are paid via ACH or gift cards.

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Partnership Program

Earn up to 15% of PROFIT's net revenue from your referral's debit card spend monthly

The more referrals you have the higher your revenue share.

Fill out the form at the top of the page & we will reach out to you with details on joining our partnership program.

Revenue share is paid out quarterly.

You get


Active referrals spend at least $1K on their PROFIT debit card each month.

Revenue Share with 3-49 active referrals on PROFIT. 

You get


Active referrals spend at least $1K on their PROFIT debit card each month.

Revenue Share with 50+ active referrals on PROFIT. 

Exclusive features for Tax Professionals & Accountants

Think of PROFIT as your free bookkeeping workforce.

Access & export your client's banking, P&L, balance sheet and cash flow statements anytime.

Save time by exporting your client's financials to your tax software.

Save time by letting PROFIT do the tedious reconciliation work for you, you can still manage their bookkeeping.

Pay your client's bills directly from their PROFIT account using ACH, wires, and mailed checks.

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View and help them manage their budgets if you like.

How to get started?

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Set up your referral account
Create your account in only 5 minutes.

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Get to know PROFIT
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Invite business owners to PROFIT
Use your referral link to invite, then easily track their status on your account. 

Set up your account in less than 5 minutes.

Frequently Ask Questions

How does PROFIT make money ?

PROFIT makes money a couple of ways.  
1. PROFIT gets part of the interchange fees collected by Mastercard from merchants when a PROFIT debit card is used.
2. The first two employee debit cards are free, additional employee cards are $5/month. 
3. Your first checking account is free, additional checking accounts are free if you spend at least $500/month on the account's debit card,  if not they are $9/month.

What type of companies can open a PROFIT account?

PROFIT accepts Corporations, LLCs and  Sole Proprietors that were incorporated in the U.S. only.  See more details here.

Is my credit affected when I apply for a PROFIT business bank account?

No, we do not run your credit history, so it will NOT impact your credit score.

What do I need to open an account with PROFIT?

1. A picture of your valid driver's license front & back.
2. A picture or copy of your EIN Tax ID verification letter (may not apply to Sole Proprietors).
3. A picture or copy of your company's articles of incorporation (does not apply to Sole Proprietors).  See more details