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How to Add Authorized Users & Employee Cards to a Business Credit Card

Do you want to transform transactions into substantial incentives? Or do you want a suitable method that keeps a record and monitors your employee's purchases? If yes, adding employee cards and authorized users to your business credit card is the answer you have been looking for.

The procedure for adding authorized users and employee cards is now even simpler. You can now acquire these online through your account or call. Business credit cards are an excellent idea for small businesses because many banks offer rewards and cash-back schemes.

How Is This Possible?

Adding authorized users & employee cards to your business cards gives you responsibility for every transaction made with the card. You can access expense-management tools when adding employee cards to your business cards. This tool can help you track your employees' purchases and make it easier to conduct business. For example, business credit cards can cover travel expenses like tickets, hotel reservations, and food.

By adding authorized users, they receive cards with their names, and they can keep your account active by using it just like the primary account holder is using it. For example, your bank statement records their transactions on the same account. Also, the primary account holder shares the same credit limit; in this case, a credit check is not required for your authorized user, unlike those in a joint account. Charges or incentives may apply depending on the company you choose to do this with.

Now that you have read the basics, we will help you with more information and the advantages of adding authorized users and employee cards to your business credit card.

Steps In Adding An Authorized User And Employee Cards to your Business Credit Card

When adding an authorized user to your business card, you must add a person you trust. When adding employee credit cards, emphasize that transactions should only be business-related. Since you are the primary account holder, everything your employees and authorized users purchase still makes you accountable for paying your business’s credit card bills.

1. Contact your credit card provider.

This is the first step you must consider as you add an authorized user or an employee card to your business card. You can contact your provider through a phone call, or if you have an online account, that is another good option. You can add a cardholder to your account with just a few clicks.

2. Prepare and provide the necessary information.

You must have the important details prepared for a smoother process. These details may be their name, physical address, birth date, and social security number if needed.

Other card providers may ask you to call customer service if you want to add employee cards. Still, it does not necessarily mean that your employee’s personal account has to be with the same company as your card provider.

You can visit your bank’s website or contact them for the other requirements you need to accomplish this second step.

3. Consider imposing a credit limit on your business credit card.

Some bank companies allow you to set spending limits for your authorized users. This can be done online by accessing your account and placing the spending limit on the person.

Also, you can limit the number of people you want to add to your account. You might want to consider this, especially if you are trying to make it easier to record purchases through your business credit card.

4. Wait for the physical card to be available.

Once you finish the process, the approved user card or cards will be delivered to the primary account holder's home address. Remember that adding employee cards and authorized users to your account may incur an extra charge depending on your issuer. Everyone who uses your business credit cards is given the same user agreement.

Benefits Of Adding Authorized Users And Employee Cards To Your Business Credit Card

Business credit cards offer many advantages when considering adding employee cards and users. Below are some reasons that you can consider:

1. You can accumulate incentives.

As a primary account holder, you know how relieving it is to earn rewards because of your purchases. Your card issuer can provide card points from what you, an authorized user, or an employee decide to purchase using your business’s card.

2. Your employees and authorized users can also experience card benefits.

Especially when it comes to travel incentives or other business-related insurance, this is also available to your employees and users.

3. Transparency on business-related purchases.

You need to consider adding users and employee cards to your account. Your account history can show whether people have been going beyond the credit limit. This can help track spending, so you and the other card users can stay within budget.

An additional feature is that you can track every purchase quickly without reimbursing your employees for business expenses.


It may be time to consider adding employee cards and authorized users to your account as your business expands, especially if you are not purchasing your business's needs. If another person makes these purchases, you need to go through additional steps to reimburse the money they are using. Adding them to your business credit card will prevent these reimbursements from becoming necessary. This type of setup allows you to monitor everything with transparency so that you may be able to set limitations. Change a few settings to your account and enjoy the card's great rewards.

Here at PROFIT Bank, we are glad to extend our services to you. We guarantee that we have the right professionals to assist in eliminating expense reports by issuing your employees virtual or physical debit cards that you can control. As you focus on running your small business, PROFIT makes it easier.

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