Issue your employees debit cards & eliminate reimbursements & expense reports

Profit business bank employee card



Add employees and order them a physical or virtual card

Virtual cards can be issued and used instantly.  Physical cards take 7 business days to arrive.


Add or remove funds from their card in just a few clicks

You can transfer money to their cards in seconds or keep their balance at $0.


Auto-Receipt collection and matching

Cardholders are sent a text the moment they swipe their card to reply back with a photo of their receipt. We automatically collect & match receipts to transactions for you, saving you valuable time. 


Monitor their spend in real-time

View analytics like, spend per employee, category & merchant.  We even compare your employee's current & prior month's spending.

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Eliminate employee reimbursements

49% of employees are frustrated by having to pay for a business expense out of their own pocket & waiting for reimbursement.  Save time by issuing employee cards for company expenses. 

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Restrict spending by categories if you want

Control where employees can use their cards to avoid wasteful spending.